• Eye-Spy Webcam Cover

    The Eye-Spy webcam cover is easily installed and provides security against webcam hackers.
    MOQ 250
  • Slider Phone Grip

    Slim phone grip that adheres securely to the back of a phone or phone case. It has a soft-touch plastic slider that moulds itself into a secure finger grip or a handy phone stand.
    MOQ 250
  • Wizard Phone Grip

    Unique phone grip with a compact 10mm profile that adheres to the back of a phone or phone case and pops out to provide a secure finger grip
    MOQ 250
  • Lycra Phone Wallet - Heat Transfer

    Soft and stretchy wallet which adheres securely to the back of a phone or phone case with strong 3M adhesive that won't leave marks if it is removed. It is ideal for holding a driver's licence, ID, hotel key, credit cards
    MOQ 250
  • Mondo Earbuds

    Set of earbuds in a convenient pocket-size plastic carry case. Branding is on the carry case.
    MOQ 100
  • Vector Wireless Charger - Round

    Next generation 5W wireless phone charger which is compatible with devices that are enabled for wireless charging and will charge most modern phones.
    MOQ 50
  • Helix 8GB Flash Drive

    Classic 8GB flash drive made from ABS with an aluminium swivel
    * 10MB/s read
    * 3MB/s write
    MOQ 50
  • Tesla Power Bank

    Compact 2200mAh power bank with input power of 5V/800mA and output power is 5V/500mA. It can be recharged in 4-5 hours from a USB port or a mains adapter.
    MOQ 25
  • Oracle Bluetooth Speaker

    Stylish 3W, metal Bluetooth speaker which is compatible with all mobile devices that support Bluetooth. It has a wireless connectivity range of over 10 metres and can also be used with an audio cable. The speaker has a radio function, a colourful light display, a built-in microphone for phone calls.
    MOQ 25
  • Zion Power Bank

    Thin 4000mAh power bank with a power gauge and a smart aluminium finish.
    MOQ 25
  • Lucent Power Bank

    Compact 1200mAh emergency power bank with a handy carabiner and a three function LED light.
    MOQ 25